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05/15/2018 05:26 AM

I have a new book out. Hope you like it. Goodlife

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05/13/2018 07:40 AM
Laws have changed in the European Union that have to do with some elements on my blogs, so I’ve removed those elements to comply. I hope these removals haven’t inconvenienced you. Do know that I welcome you all to read these blogs. Goodlife

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03/12/2018 01:22 AM

 I was looking towards the ocean and I saw a plane in the distant sky. I noticed that the sky and the clouds and the plane were all moving together in the same direction and at the same speed.
 I could see that it was real but I also realized that it’s a perfect example of an illusion. Many times we read spiritually and philosophically that our world is an illusion and yet, it’s hard to deny isn’t it, because of its physical evidence.
 So I realized that our world is flexible because when I look back at the plane it was clearly the plane moving and not the clouds but then I looked at it again a moment later and both were moving together in the same direction and speed as before.
 So it was reminding me that this was real. So I come to the conclusion that it is an illusion what we see around us but because it’s a physical world and a physical place it’s an illusion with physicality.
 So it’s not meant to be denied but rather it’s meant to understand that our world is more flexible than we may realize.

 My feeling is this then, to set our goals towards the most benevolent outcome for all beings and even if our goals seem impossible to accomplish take it one step at a time, gently, and do as much as we can towards bringing our goals about. Goodlife

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11/04/2017 05:52 AM

Are you lost in your own world? Are you feeling that you are out of touch with yourself and does this feeling create discomfort or even anxiety in you at times? Even nervousness can cause distraction and create problems - yes? So I'd like to suggest something. In this video you will find a way to become aware all the time of who you are and how to be who you are. This way you will be able to be more at ease in these times.

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09/23/2017 01:24 AM

There are times when your pets or even animals that are not your pets but trust you and come to you that these loved ones may not welcome a physical touch for what ever reason but you can show your love by petting their energy body* - sometimes called an auric field.

I recommend you try this gently. Move your hand as close as you can get to them - say it’s a butterfly. They probably won’t like it if you get much closer than a foot or 10 inches (30.48 or  or 25.4 centimeters) from them and first show them your hand, your palm of your hand - so that would be maybe a foot and a half or 2 feet  (45.72 or 60.96 centimeters) away from them just so they can see it. When you show it to them have your palm facing up or mostly up so they won’t think you’re going to strike them.

Then move your hand, with your palm facing towards the animal, from head to tail very gently, very slowly once. If it is a bird, very slowly not coming any closer than they’re comfortable with - I recommend 8 to 10 inches (20.32 to 25.4 centimeters) most likely.

If there is great fondness then maybe closer but the reason I want you to learn how to pet their energy body is that not everyone wants to be picked up - alright? 

If you’ve ever had somebody try to pick you up and you didn’t want it, you know how that feeling is. Sometimes you want to pick up your cat or your dog and they don’t want it. They’re busy, they’re doing something else or they’re just more comfortable not being held at that moment.

So if they’re comfortable with it, you can pet their energy body**.

* Greetings. Today I'd like to talk to you briefly about something you can do with your beloved pets.

 Sometimes you have noticed, people who have cats eh, that you go to pet your cat or you want to pick your cat up to pet it and cat runs away or lets you know that it doesn't want to be petted then and it can be disconcerting. 

 I'd recommend this - for some cats they will be involved you see, in meditations. You have seen this sometimes - or they will be in a light state of concentration connecting with their peers perhaps or the home planet - who knows. Cats are mysterious and are clearly designed to be in our lives to support our quest for the unknown besides being a comfort as they often are.

 This is what I recommend and it can be applied I might add, to dogs or any animal that is otherwise distracted or in pain or elderly and cannot receive touch comfortably. First observe the contours of cats body since I'm using cat for an example here today. Then once you've observed that, approach cat from a distance.

 Don't get much closer than a few feet away with your hand - don't touch cat. Perhaps you'll be standing over cat, and do not make like you're going to touch cat or even think about touching cat because cats are perceptive and so are dogs I might add and other creatures as well. 

 Then standing about oh, a foot or two away from cat or whatever is your arms length reach towards cat with your right or left hand as if you were going to pet cat but pet them slowly from a distance of about two to even as much as three feet following the contour of their body.

 You might say - well, what comfort is there in this - but I will get there - and see if cat has any reaction. Cat might look at you, might seem comforted, might enjoy the experience but you see - what you are doing is that you are petting along the general lines of the cats auric field and cat will be comforted - feeling safe. That is the key to understanding this process.

 We all want and need to feel safe and your cat or your dog or other being that you love needs to feel safe and such petting is an honoring of their personal space and whatever they are engaged in even though it may not be obvious to us at the moment.

** For instance, not long ago I recommended to a friend that when his cat was busy - and he's very fond of his cat - or his cat was not feeling well and he wanted to pet his cat to soothe it and calm it that he could pet his cats auric field by moving his hand towards his cat and when he felt a slight resistance or a slight feeling in his own body that that was as close to his cat as his hand ought to be.

 Then with the palm of his hand facing his cat he could follow the contours of his cats body just as if he was petting the cat from head to tail.

 In that case it would be good to make strokes from head to tail, pull your hand back and then move your hand towards your cats head and go head to tail. This way you're not pushing the energy back and forth.

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