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09/20/2017 02:34 AM

Do you know, there is an aspect of the personality of cats, whether large or small, that many human beings find repulsive and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t find it that way but I do want to explain to you why it exists.

The aspect I’m talking about is how cats can sometimes, not all the time, when they capture a creature that usually you don’t want in your homes and that’s a mouse - and cats will capture and kill and usually consume but not always, mice. But if you have seen this in process you will see sometimes cats seeming to be cruel to the mouse. They’ll let it go and catch it again or they’ll hold it by its tail while it tries to get away. In short, it appears that they are torturing their victim.

This is something cats were willing to take on on Earth though on their home planet they do not act like that. Still it’s important for you to know that there is a reason just like there is a reason for everything.

Cats do this, this cruelty thing - not the consumption part but the cruelty because they are siphoning off part of the cruelty that human beings would use otherwise against each other or against other species of beings.

It is not unusual on this planet for non-human beings to take on traits of human beings whether those human beings are healthy or not and will often do this, if they’re a personal pet, for love but other times will do it because it is part of their job, you might say. 

Human beings come to this planet, as has been explained in the Explorer Race material to learn, to grow, to change and to create things that might be useful in some way in the rest of the universe where it has been difficult to create such things. 

The difficulty usually lies in the fact that the type of stress that’s needed, an urgent stress to create something, simply does not exist in the rest of the universe but as you know, on Earth it does.

So to put it simply, cats are acting out part of the strain, or threads you might say, of human cruelty and tends to reduce the level for the average human being where ever they are on the planet of cruelty that you might use yourself. 

This is a good thing to know so you will understand that when you see such a thing, if you happen to, they are acting out something you or other human beings do not have to act out. 

Always remember, there is a reason for everything.


Photo is © B. Kim Barnes and used with permission.

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09/16/2017 11:35 PM

In these times one has to be clear about values, that which you hold dear. I recommend benevolent* values - meaning very simply that benevolence for you and yours, meaning family and close friends, and benevolence for all others is the way.

It won’t be an easy path but it’s the path I recommend. You will catch yourself many times thinking things that are dramatic and maybe even conflicting within yourself or even externally, arguing about little things, not things that are essential meaning food, shelter, best health possible.

So, I’m gonna to recommend that you keep it simple also. Watch as little news on television as possible. You’ll find that reading the news, in whatever is your language, might actually be better because the people that put out news in print are sometimes, not always, but sometimes less involved in making things dramatic when they’re not.

It is seductive for broadcasters of television or other video to make things dramatic so that people will watch. But these days those who publish words are sometimes less involved in the dramatic.

You’ll have to decide whether drama and excitement is more important than benevolence. Keep in mind that if benevolence does not include, not just as an ideal but as a practice, all other human beings on the planet that it will reduce the benevolence for all, including yourself.

This is not a punishment, it is simply that the more people that are experiencing benevolence the healthier everybody is. The less people that are experiencing benevolence the unhealthier in various ways everybody is.

It’s not complicated. Just a reminder to let you know that for life to go on it must go on as well as possible, meaning as benevolent as possible, for all human beings on Earth. Goodlife

*Good and kind.

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08/30/2017 02:23 AM
Have you noticed how physical these times are now. Of course in your physical life that’s perfectly obvious but there are also issues going on that seem to be confusing, and misunderstandings between family members and friends and even governments are almost typical, aren’t they. 

What is happening is that you are moving out of an intellectual time in to a physical time and what that means simply is this. 

When words are used to describe, say an object, you can use all the words that are understandable to anybody in their own language and yet, even though there seems to have been communication there may not be complete understanding because these times require greater physicality. 

Mother Earth is expressing her physicality in many ways, sometimes uncomfortably and sometimes human beings do that too especially when they don’t understand something or they have misunderstood something. 

So - this is what is needed, say in the description of an object, after you have described this object and the other person seems to be nodding because they understand your words - they may not fully understand it until they can touch that object or have a feeling of that object touching them and then they will completely understand. 

Physical perception now, is vital to your understanding your life all around you and in order for you to be able to fully experience that you will need to have, not the experiences of others but that extra version of communication which is what you see, what you touch or what touches you - okay -  or what you might even smell, a fragrance perhaps. In short, you will need to use all your senses - not just what you think.

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08/25/2017 09:36 PM
Alright, this is Grandfather. I want to let you know that something has changed. Some time ago, I predicted that there was a danger - a great danger of a tidal wave that could happen caused either by Earth changes or possibly even something created by man but that great danger has been reduced. 

It is now - instead of its higher probability as it was before - is now reduced to about 18%. So even though there is some danger the potential for it has decreased. 

However, if it happens it will still be very very serious. So, keep that in mind and always be on the lookout for the signs of tidal wave because that may not come with a warning. If it happens then you may or may not know about it if you just happen to be walking on the beach but if you can recognize the signs, there are signs, then that might help you. Goodlife

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08/22/2017 03:57 AM

These times have been troubling with things happening that seem to be crazy. What's going on? What's going on is that time is changing and the way you live in it will change as well. Also the way you experience time will happen in subtle ways before too long. Know that things will get better and this is part of the process. 

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