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"This book is intended to cover, at least in a beginning way, manners and methods by which you can create for yourselves benevolently and create for others benevolently. This book is intended to teach you the ancient wisdom of gentle methods of feminine creation. This little book is truly important, and the other little books channeled through Robert will serve those who want to know more. The more these little books get out, the more I feel others will want to know more. I feel that the little books are meant to be carried with you and to be acted upon". -Grandfather

"I want to remind you, to let you know immediately, that the purpose of these little books, what these books are intended to do, is to nurture, to support and—by their very titles, as well as how the books read—to serve you, to improve the quality of your lives and to support you in supporting yourselves and others". -Isis

Introduction To Benevolent Magic

Benevolent magic can only be used benevolently, even if it is accidentally (or otherwise) said in some way that isn't benevolent. It will still only work as long as the experience for everyone is benevolent, including those who cooperate consciously or otherwise with bringing about your request. Benevolent magic is a request, not just words. Many of you will feel energy after you say the request. The fundamentals of benevolent magic are what you say and how you say it. Benevolent magic is provided by loving beings to help allow you and train you as a global community to begin doing things that will support each and every one of you.

Topics Include

  • Ask for Anything—No Limitations
  • Personal Safety and Relationships
  • Money and Abundance
  • Finding the Right Work
  • Perfect Home and Health
  • Beings Who Need Help
  • Peace on the Planet
  • Welcome the Results