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A Gift from the Explorer Race Mentors

Disentangle from Your Discomforts and Pains: Become Your True Self

Ssjoooo through Robert Shapiro
12 July 2000

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Courtesy of Light Technology Publishing.

There is a point where a creation of the moment starts to uncreate itself; though things may or may not actually dissolve, creation starts to move on. Creation can be something as simple as seeing your friend on the street unexpectedly and saying, "Oh, it's so good to see you!" You give your friend a hug or shake hands or give a pat on the shoulder and go on; that moment is a creation, and when you go on, it dissipates—it goes away. So let's use that as an example of the form of disentanglement we're going to do. You can understand that more easily because it is clearly a moment.

Now, you all have moments throughout your life where you connect with things, people. Let's say you have a friend you have known for years, but you had a misunderstanding. You see him on the street and you are happy to see him. You give him a pat on the back and shake hands and so on, yet you are uncomfortable and so is he. But you're both rushing somewhere and you say, "I'll call you!" And off you go. But you have an uncomfortable feeling. This tells you, aside from having to talk things over with your friend, that it would be of value to disentangle from that past situation.

So disentanglement—I'm not going to give all the instructions, but I want to give people homework. For those who meditate or lie down, simply do your basic relaxation/meditation. Try not to think of too many words. After you're relaxed, request that gold lightbeings come and remove the discomforting cords that connect you to all your past discomforts in this life, period. Say no more than that; that's a good beginning. If you've had some incident that's upsetting you—some person, maybe a circumstance, maybe a problem at work, you can be specific. But you need to be generally specific: You'll ask that the gold lightbeings come; you'll say that opening statement, but instead of saying, "Disentangle me from all discomforts of the past," you will say, "Please disentangle me from that argument I had at work today." You don't say, "...that I feel so bad about." You're very specific, but at the same time you don't give a lot of details. They'll know, but you need to say it when you're beginning to do this work.