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Heart-Heat Exercise
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Courtesy of Light Technology Publishing.

The Heart Heat Exercise

Practice feeling love as heat in the chest. Use your hands over your chest to help focus energy not touching body.

When you can hold this warmth, add the feeling (not visualization) of gold light.

Keep practicing back and forth until you can feel both at the same time, then hold it for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

After you learn to do this, while you are feeling this heat or love or both, say out loud:

"I give all beings permission to be of love, to be fed, clothed, healed and comforted."

You can add other appropriate things, but keep it simple. The heart heat will naturally radiate even when the gold light is absent.

Because one of the most important levels of creator training is to be able to feel what others feel, you might have nightmares and wake up with horrible feelings or have other experiences that result in such feelings. As soon as you can, ask:

"Let benevolent love bless and transform all I am feeling."

Then feel gold light. This is alchemical training to transform the pain of others through being aware of their feelings.

When you come together as a group to feel heart heat and gold light:

Talk about what's bothering you so you have some feelings to transform. Focus on the physical warmth in your chest or solar plexus, which is the physical evidence of love.

Strike a chime or make some signal, then imagine gold light there while you feel the heat with total focus so that the alchemical transformation can take place.

In a group these feelings are amplified. This exercise can transform any discomfort that arises and you will feel ecstatic; it is the closest feeling to the Creator energy that you are. The larger the group, the wider the area it will transform to cheerful, loving feelings. Eventually it can become first nature to you and you will feel it all the time. It will lead to unifying all beings everywhere.