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A Living Prayer

Dear Friends of Light Technology Publications and the Sedona Journal of Emergence! We feel that many of you, like ourselves, have strong needs to DO SOMETHING about our present world situation and feel frustration about what we can do to influence the world. Recently Reveals the Mystery, knowing of humanity's needs and frustrations, speaking through Robert Shapiro, came through with a Living Prayer, below, for each of us to say:

I am asking that the Souls, with our infinite wisdom throughout all times and many places, of the Explorer Race in our now guise as Earth Human Beings, pull together our full knowledge and wisdom of what has gone on in the past for us-our trail of education to this place and this point in time-going to ask us now to come together as if as a single being to resolve conflicts, difficulties, worries and cares of the Human demonstration of life and to recognize the value of each and every human in the world in which we live. I know we can do it and I believe in our capacity and desire to bring it about while supporting each other and creating the world we know we want to live in.
I am asking that this be so now.

You can say this once or several times. This is especially for those who have read the Explorer Race books but it can be said by anyone. Some of the language referring to the Explorer Race won't mean much to those of you who haven't read the books or the articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence!, but it is not necessary to have read the books in order to say this prayer to bring about the most beneficial results that Living Prayer can do.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do, how to do it in the most supportive way for each other. That's the key. To bring about resolution for yourselves now, you can do a great deal for yourselves individually using Living Prayer and Benevolent Magic. But to do something that affects the global population, human beings, plants, animals, everyone, you need to work together, and this is a Living Prayer to help you to unite in a moment and also to support, encourage and nurture that unity by simply desiring that it be so.

The purpose of the living prayer, then, is to request, never demand, to request that that come about in the most benevolent way for all beings. And specifically to the point, for those beings that are in the guise, now, of human beings, your selves on Earth, the Explorer Race, which includes all humans. And as a result, I believe that this will help you not only to come together in a unified way, but also to remind you gently, very gently, that your guise as Human Beings on Earth is only a guise. You are more than that. You have many faces throughout the Universe, many before you got here and you will have many more after you leave here. It is a gentle reminder then, that you are of many cultural strains and of many cultural hearts and yet, you are ultimately one being. And this moment in time is to show a practical application of what you can do, no matter what guise you may be demonstrating yourself as at any moment.

"You say the Living Prayer because it is a creation "device". The prayer itself is not an "Oh, please help me" prayer. It is a creation. Living Prayer is a creation. "I am asking" is a creation."
--- Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

We were told that all of us could create a beneficial result if just 10% of you, us, would actually say the words of this Living Prayer with feeling. And perhaps you could share this with your friends.

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