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Disentanglement Disentangling Cords of Discomfort

The Spirit of Transformation through Robert Shapiro

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I am the Spirit of Transformation. It is my intention to help you understand the meaning of disentanglement as compared to its impact upon you. It is not my job to analyze it, but rather to help you to appreciate how it works.

Disentanglement is intended to extricate you from the uncomfortable ties that bind you to portions of your demonstrated personality, which for the most part have very little to do with who you actually are and who you will show yourself to be once disentanglement is well under way. You might say that it performs a clarifying function, but clarity in your time is often associated with the mind. However, disentanglement is more associated with the physical body, the feeling self, the spirit self, the inspirational self and the instinctual self.

I am coming through to speak tonight in order to provide to the reader (and at some point the listener) the necessary understanding of the value of disentanglement, because the value allows you to gently, without trauma, release the portions of yourself you have taken on that are your masks, which you have had to take on to survive in your culture, family or society. Disentanglement allows you to gradually, gently remove these masks while gradually, gently counterbalancing that removal as the weights and measures tilt toward balance. You understand that disentanglement allows this process to take place slowly, so that as the mask is gradually removed, the feeling that is generated is one of the emerging natural personality you were born with.

This is directly connected to the essence of your true self, meaning that which bears the marks of your immortal personality. These are the marks by which you might be recognized by someone you never met in a given life because there is a familiarity, a sense of feeling exchanged between you and someone else. You come up to someone in a crowd, you begin to chat, and pretty soon you're like old friends. Without doubt, that kind of connection allows you to disentangle from the old time line of the third dimension and directly connect to the new time line in the most easy, gentle and accessible way. The attempt to grab on to the new time line does not become a hit-or-miss thing, something there is no apparent way to accomplish other than what may sound insufficiently substantial. When you do that, it then becomes easy to make the shift, even though your body might still be in that old time line with others in that society.

Here is the old time line [draws line on the left] and here is the new [draws line on the right]; you have these dotted lines here. The disentanglement essentially allows you to do this [draws an X with broken lines]. It does not disenfranchise you from your world.

But it does allow you to move flexibly between the old and the new, similar to the way alternating current pulses. Alternating current is essentially like a switch: It's on, it's off; it's on, it's off. The process of disentanglement is not a matter of being on or off, but the switch can happen so quickly that those in the old time with whom you may very well be interacting on a daily basis, are not aware that you are, in some senses, between worlds. And those in the new time line with whom you interact in your day-to-day life are not aware that you are also available to access the old world (using "old world" interchangeably with "old time line").